Finding the cure for Neurofibromatosis

How the Children’s Tumor Foundation is making a difference with
data-sharing and open access

Join us on April 11, 2017, for a live webinar presented by Clarivate Analytics and the Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF). Experts from the CTF will share compelling insights about their journey over the past five years to find the cure for Neurofibromatosis (NF).

During this webinar you will learn about the CTF’s pioneering work on data-sharing and an open-access platform aimed at disseminating findings and results to the research community. You will also hear techniques they have employed to select the right drugs and find the right partners for collaborations.

There will be an opportunity to ask our panel of experts about their work in a live Q&A session.

The webinar will be screened via OncologyTalks.com – find out how Clarivate Analytics is supporting scientific research in Immunology.

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  • Introduction by Richard Harrison, Chief Scientific Officer, Clarivate Analytics
  • Overview of the Children’s Tumor Foundation, Annette Bakker, President, CTF
  • CTF Biobank Initiative, Vidya Dhote, Basic Science Manager, CTF
  • Team Science, Salvatore La Rosa, VP of R&D, CTF
  • New Targets for Neurofibromatosis, Marco Nievo, Intellectual Property Consultant, CTF
  • Live Q&A from moderator and audience

Featuring a discussion with experts from the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Moderated by Richard Harrison.

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison
Chief Scientific Officer
Clarivate Analytics

Anette Bakker

Annette Bakker, PHD
The Children’s Tumor Foundation

Salvatore La Rosa

Salvatore La Rosa, PhD
Vice President of Research and Development
The Children’s Tumor Foundation

Vidya Dhote

Vidya Dhote, PhD
Basic Science Manager
The Children’s Tumor Foundation

Marco Nievo

Marco Nievo, PhD
Intellectual Property Consultant
The Children’s Tumor Foundation

The Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) is a 503(c) medical foundation whose vision is to end Neurofibromatosis (NF), one of the world’s most common inherited neurological disorders. Their innovative work on The Biobank project and the Synodos approach address the critical importance of a research community that works collaboratively towards their common goals.

In the last five years the Foundation has evolved into a very active partner of researchers, and has spearheaded many initiatives in order to create collaborative projects and research platforms to advance knowledge at a faster pace and find a cure for NF. In this webinar, a general outline of CTF’s roadmap to end NF will be described, with highlights on key projects that have shifted collaboration and results to a new level of accomplishment. In particular, you will learn about the Biobank project and how this has been implemented from scratch, the open-data platform aimed at disseminating results and findings to the research community, and the broader policy of data sharing that CTF is pioneering on the Synodos collaborative projects.

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