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Clarivate Analytics solutions can help companies of all sizes, business models, strategies and geographic reach to quickly grow their product portfolios, find exclusive API suppliers, penetrate new markets, identify strong business partners or acquisition targets, and monitor their competition.

Insights from our experts.

Download the presentation slides from CPhI Worldwide 2017.

API Sourcing & Manufacturing Update
Kate Kuhrt, Head of GTM - Life Sciences

Learn about the latest trends affecting API manufacturing and sourcing across the globe, including increased focus on innovation in countries like China and India, impact of ever-increasing regulation, changing product mix, and continued M&A activity.

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MENA and Latin America: Attractive markets for new opportunities in innovation and generics
Trajko Spasenovski, Solution Consultant - Emerging Markets

Pharmaceutical companies have long pursued the growing markets of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Latin America (LATAM), often facing common difficulties. Join a data-driven market overview of these attractive emerging markets, including insights on market access, regulations, innovation versus generics, and new opportunities in both regions.

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India’s Contribution to Global Healthcare: A perspective on Affordability, Accessibility and Quality
Trajko Spasenovski, Solution Consultant - Emerging Markets

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Speak with our industry experts to discuss intelligence solutions to help you optimize your portfolio by identifying the right products, right markets, right partners and right timing to meet your goals.

Thomas Whiteoak, Newport Solutions Specialist
If you're an API manufacturer, generics company or CMO, meet with Tom so he can understand your challenges and assist you in reaching decisions more effectively.
Thomas Whiteoak Kate Kuhrt, Head of GTM - Life Sciences
Kate is an all round expert for our Clarivate Analytics Life Sciences solutions - with particular expertise in our Newport solution, as well as our Cortellis products.
Kate Kuhrt
Monica Rosales, E-Learning & Customer Education Specialist
Monica is an all round expert for our Clarivate Analytics solutions - with particular expertise in our Newport solution, our Cortellis suite of products, and our extensive Incidence and Prevalance Database.
Monica Rosales Dr Trajko Spasenovski, Life Sciences Consultant - Emerging Markets
Contact Dr. Spasenovski to learn how emerging market companies can gain an edge in acquiring a global presence using proprietary expertise.
Trajko Spasenovski
Romain Kherrat, Regulatory Solutions Specialist
To stay informed and up to date with the ever-evolving global regulatory landscape, speak to Romain about our Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence solutions.
Romain Kherrat Claudia Haas, Customer Education and eLearning Specialist
Our expert on hand for all things Cortellis - our comprehensive suite of solutions for life science professionals, providing unmatched content & search, state of the art analytics and powerful visualization tools.
Claudia Haas

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