Highly Cited Researchers : Spotlight on Korea

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What is the report about?

With its annual announcement and updated listing of Highly Cited Researchers (HCRs), Clarivate Analytics identifies an elite corps of scientists. As a population currently numbering more than 3,300, the HCRs themselves provide material for comparative analysis in terms of their representation by country and subject field among our measures.  

In this white paper, Justin Kim of Clarivate's South Korea office undertakes a study based on these types of analysis. Examining the 2017 HCRs, he focuses primarily on South Korea and a selection of comparator nations, such as United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan and so on.

The report emphasizes the point that, by itself, a high publication count for a nation is neither an indicator nor a guarantee of strong performance in research. Indeed, simply pursuing a high volume of output, given the burden of expense and labor involved, is actually at odds with the more propitious course: selective investment in identifying, nurturing, and retaining the most promising scientific talent, whose efforts will ulimately increase the nation's proportion of highly influential research. 

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Justin Kim, Director of Clarivate's South Korea office

Justin has deep knowledge and experience of technology innovation. He has delivered several presentations and key note speeches about technology innovation, technology trends and research landscapes in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore using patent and scientific literature information analysis. His interest areas include data analysis and interpretation to deliver insights which support better decision making.

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