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What is the winning biosimilars strategy for your market?

While organizations understand the importance of having a pipeline of Biosimilars in their portfolio, they are also skeptical about the challenges and complexities around development of Biosimilars.

Once the first steps have been taken, changing the biosimilar strategy as they progress down the path to commercialization will be a costly exercise.

Learn how to make those decisions and what the most critical aspects to be considered are. Understand why one must emphasize on the quality of the information on which you base those decisions.

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You are invited to attend a webinar to learn more about the winning strategy of Biosimilars in your primary market.

Join our leading experts, Mari Serebrov, Regulatory Editor – BioWorld, Clarivate Analytics, Hareesh Parandhaman for a compelling discussion on the core competencies needed to succeed in today’s biosimilars landscape, and learn more about the regulatory strategies to overcome challenges associated with developing a biosimilars strategy.

Event details


Wednesday, 14th february, 2018


12 pm SAST, 2 PM GST, 3:30 PM IST

Topics to be covered

Challenges and complexities around development of Biosimilars.
First steps on commercializing biosimilars in your market.
The decisions you need to make. What are the most critical aspects of those decisions?
Why one must emphasize on the quality of information on which you base those decisions.

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Maria Serebrov

Hareesh Parandhaman
Biosimilars Expert

Maria Serebrov

Mari Serebrov
Regulatory Editor BioWorld
Clarivate Analytics

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